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This website is your 24/7 access to the entire Winworx team.

On this website you can access our:

  1. Sales department so that you can:
    • Download a free demo or request a demo CD to be sent to you
    • Purchase your preferred software application
    • Purchase additional user licenses for your existing application
    • Purchase a multi-site license for your preferred application
    • Purchase source code for your existing application
    • Purchase Remote Support Credits for your application
    • Request a quotation for on-site support
  2. Accounts department so that you can:
    • Check your order / payment status
    • Access past invoices and reprint a copy
    • Check usage of your Remote Support Credits
  3. Administration department so you can:
    • Check and update your organisations contact details
    • Check to see who has access to your organizational records
    • View copies and obtain printouts of any information that we have sent you in the past
  4. Technical support so that you can:
    • Log a remote support request
    • View history of all remote support requests and reprint the solutions provided by us
    • Access our knowledge base and discussion group with other users of the application
  5. User Support so that you can:
    • Access our discussion group and communicate with other users of your application
    • Access the user manual
    • Access the training manual

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