Our Experience

Winworx is committed to providing quality services. This commitment is evident in our dealings with large corporate clients such as Australia Post, Westons Bioproducts, Shell Chemicals, Rhone Poulenc Rural, Rio Tinto, BHP, Mobil, Coles Myer, Pharm Action (Hoechst) and others.

Through providing business services and solutions, we follow a simplistic path in identifying the correct solution for our clients' needs. A typical decision and implementation process includes:

  1. Current State Definition
    Identifying and documenting current business processes.
  2. Future State Definition
    Visioning how the business will operate and the required solutions to meet these visions.
  3. Planning
    The Planning phase of a project is ongoing and includes tasks and activities for managing and controlling each individual project.
  4. Application Definition
    Identifying a package solution or defining custom development.
  5. Analysis
    Developing a logical process for meeting the business requirements and identifying an automated solution that best fits.
  6. Development
    Developing a complete automated solution as well as the creation of testing and implementation plans
  7. Implementation
    Migrating the developed application solution to the production environment and performing the required staff training.
  8. Application Maintenance and Support
    Ongoing maintenance and support services based on client requirements.

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